Gallops 2016 Annual Charity Stallion Services Auction
Presented by: Rhodes River Ranch

Sunday, January 31, 2016, 12:00 PM PST
Website Live Auction Streaming ~ Toll free lines to call in and bid
Event Location: Northern Quest Resort & Casino ~ Spokane, WA
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The 2016 Gallop line up is listed below. The services listed as 'available,' will be good for purchase through June 1, 2016 (on a first come, first serve bases), at 50% or lesser than their normal standing fees. If interested, please contact 509-990-4167 to purchase a service.

In an effort to help support RMHC families who need to be together with their child while in a hospital receiving medical aid, we thank all the donors and bidders who participated in the 2016 Gallop Auction.

Again, please call 509-990-4167 or email if you are interested in purchasing any of these breeding's.

Stallion Name Stallions Normal Standing Fee 50% (Or Less) Of Their Normal Standing Fee Additional Chute Fee
Shanes BlakeAvailable$750.00$375.00$250.00
I Am A Hot TopicAvailable$1,000.00$500.00$250.00
Skips Famous SquireAvailable$750.00$375.00$250.00
VS FlatlineSold$3,000.00
Hot Ones OnlySold$2,000.00
VS Code RedSold$2,500.00
Blazing HotSold$3,000.00
Third CuttingSold$3,650.00
Cats MeradaSold$5,100.00
Lil Joe CashSold$4,000.00
Dual Smart ReySold$3,450.00
Whizkey N DiamondsSold$3,000.00
Spots HotSold$4,150.00
CD DiamondSold$3,150.00
Cat IchiSold$3,650.00
Very CoolSold$2,000.00
Spooks Gotta GunSold$3,375.00
A Shiner Named SiouxSold$1,900.00
Extremely Hot ChipsSold$1,500.00
Einsteins RevolutionSold$3,500.00
Big Chex To CashAvailable$3,000.00$1,500.00$500.00
Travelin JonezSold$2,500.00
Blue One TimeSold$2,000.00
John SimonSold$1,250.00
Nite MovesSold$1,000.00
Pale Face DunnitAvailable$2,300.00$850.00$500.00
Desires Little RexAvailable$2,000.00$950.00$600.00
Duns R For ShootinSold$2,000.00
Machine MadeSold$1,600.00
Special InvitationSold$1,200.00
Apirates Life For MeSold$1,500.00
Zack T WoodAvailable$3,000.00$1,000.00$500.00
Dont Skip ZipAvailable$1,800.00$550.00$450.00
Cats MoonshineAvailable$2,000.00$1,000.00$500.00
Hubba Hubba HuntinSold$1,750.00
Matt Dillon Dun ItSold$2,000.00
Coats N TailsSold$2,000.00
Potential CareerAvailable$1,000.00$350.00$350.00
Rap CatAvailable$1,250.00$625.00$300.00
Okey Dokey DaleAvailable$2,000.00$1,000.00$500.00
Chics Smart LenaSold
Rawhide OutlawAvailable$1,000.00$500.00$250.00
Surely A PeptoSold
Cool Stylin StarAvailable$750.00$375.00$250.00
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